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Winner of the 1998 Brian Glover Memorial Award, Gary Clarke is currently regarded as one of the UK’s leading contemporary dance artists who has received great appreciation for his work as a Choreographer, Director, Performer, Mentor, Teacher and Facilitator. He has developed a growing reputation for creating extraordinary dance work of various sizes and scales which has received praise from critics, audiences, producers, national dance agencies and venues in the UK and abroad.

Gary’s current production of COAL is touring this year. Find out more on the COAL Website.

‘If you squashed Gary Clarke into a time capsule, buried it, and retrieved it in years to come, a heady reminder of the politically turbulent and poptastic 80’s and 90’s would leap out like a crazed jack-in-the-box.’ 

‘If we tell you that Gary Clarke has been mentored by two of the more mischief making names in contemporary dance, it gives you an idea of Clarke’s maverick tendencies’
Time Out

‘Gary Clarke’s work always defies easy categorization and we should treasure him’
The Skinny